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20 years experience
High speed needle loom, jacquard machine, braiding machine

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TONGXING is A leading manufacturer& exporter of weaving machinery

We supply one-stop purchasement of weaving machinery,any requirement please contact with us.

Welcome to TONGXING

We supply a wide range of Narrow Fabric Machinery like Fast Knit Braiding Machine, High Speed Needle Loom with Computer Electronic Jacquard, Warping Machine, Measuring& roll winding machine, Spool Winding Machine, Cord & Belt Winder, Warping Beam, Narrow Fabric Spare Parts  etc. These Machines are  to make Belt, Elastic Tape, Curtain Tape, Mattress Tape, Crepe Bandage Tape, Webbing tape, Twill tape, Cotton Tape, Jute Webbing, Fiber Glass tape, Ribbon Decorative Cord, Shoe Lace Cord, Fiber Glas Rope, Jute Rope, Paper Bag Cord,  Draw String, Filler cord, Loop Belt for FIBC Jumbo Bag manufacturing Etc.


Core features of TONGXING

24 hours customer service

We provide 24 hours customer service, any quetions or problem, you can contact with us at any time, also if you bought our machine, we can supply with you immediately after sale service.

Customer Design Service

We provide customer design made service, if you have your own design, or our machine did not meet your requirement, we can make as per your demands.

Full Support...

We have more than 20 years in machinery making, more than 20 engineer, research technicians, we are confident in ourselves, our machine, our company. Every machine one warranty, whole life after sale service.

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