TXF10/25 High speed needle loom

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We offer our varied clients with an extensive range of High Speed Needle Looms. These are widely used in the weaving of zipper tapes, shoe laces, elastic tapes, thick nylon webbing, cargo lifting tapes, safety belt and other allied items. Our range of these High Speed Needle Looms are offered at a very competitive price in the market without any compromise on the quality of our product. This product is further described in detail below:

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Model: TXF10/25

Category: Needle loom machine

Feature: Energy save, easy operation

Payment: T/T,Alibaba Escrow,L/C,Western Union

Scope of supply: -Tool Box
                             -Beam Stand
                             -Change Gear Set
                             -Extra Parts

Product Description

The TXF10/25 high-speed shuttleless ribbon machine is a textile machine that is used to produce various PP belts, zipper, cotton belts, seat belts, bra straps, lattice belts and elastics. It is mainly applicable to producing cotton belts, label tapes, shoestrings, elastics, decorative belts, strong tensile bands, fishing nets, fishing lines, tow ropes, marine ropes, sports belts, curtain tapes, wires, fibers and other high quality belts. It is especially suitable for seat belt webbing.

Elastic Type (Plain and Name woven):

Zari/Satin Ribbons Shoe Lace PP Tapes Zipper Tapes Cotton Tapes/Niwar HDPE Mono filament Niwar Safety Belt Cargo Lifting Tapes Thick Nylon Webbing Fibre Glass Tapes.

Apart from this following are the salient features of our range:

Easy setting
Chain operated machine is available
Provided with heavy duty takes off roller system
Positively controlled weft feed with tension device
Easy speed adjustment
Interlock mechanism for selvedge is available
High efficiency
Qualitative weaving
Electric stop motion for are provided for preventing weft breakage
Instant stopping is done through heavy duty brake application
Easy pick setting
Central lubrication system

Technical parameters

Model Quantity(heads) Reed Width Shaft/frame Pick Range/repeat Weft Density R.P.M
TXF2/80 2 110mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 800-1000
TXF2/110 2 110mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 350-400
TXF2/165 2 110mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 350-400
TXF2/200 2 110mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 300-350
TXF2/300 2 300mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 300-350
TXF4/55 4 55mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 800-1000
TXF4/65 4 65mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 800-1000
TXF4/80 4 80mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 800-1000
TXF6/45 6 45mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 1000-1200
TXF6/55 6 55mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 1000-1200
TXF8/30 8 30mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 1000-1200
TXF8/35 8 35mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 1000-1200
TXF12/17 12 17mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 1000-1200
TXF12/25 12 250mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 1000-1200
TXF12/30 12 30mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 1000-1200
TXF14/20 14 20mm 12-16 8-48 3.5-36.7 1000-1200

Package: ocean standard Non-fumigation wooden case
Net Wegith: 500kgs
Gross Weight: 550kgs
Measurement: 1.3(L)x1(W)x1.9(H) cbm

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Sets
Port of Dispatch: Shenzhen or Any
Delivery Time: As per Order

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